Over the next six weeks our writers group for women in Nottingham are going to put pen to paper to share our unique stories. We will be sharing personal snapshots from moments in our lives.

The pieces of our work produced by the end of the memoir writing sessions will all contribute to a printed anthology, which will be published in a hard copy book aswell as in e-book. They will be available to buy in Waterstones Book Shops and on Amazon. So our group of women will become published authors by the end of the workshops and will have the chance to read our pieces out in front of an audience.

The proceeds from the sale of the books will go to the charity of choice, decided by the group.

I shall be participating in the memoir writing and also be contributing to the printed anthology. I think this is a wonderful opportunity and could open doors to lots of new possibilities. This is certainly a chance not to be missed.  As I don’t have much writing experience, I feel lucky to have fallen upon this opportunity so soon.

The women in our group come from a mixture of backgrounds and cultures,  So, I think the book will make a very good read.

The memoir workshops, editing and printing will be handled by Global Words and the Nottingham Women’s Centre.

I shall leave you with a snippet from my short story….

Being careful of the thorns, I find myself amid the tender ripe Roses. Their pastel hues seem to radiate a delicate aroma and I notice that near to the heart of the flowers, the petals are folded so neatly, that I wondered what possibly, could be hidden away?


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