Urban Exploring

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

Creepy House

I decided to go Urban exploring last week. I found a site in the Eastside of Nottingham City, an old derelict corn warehouse, formerly owned by the Great Northern Railway and built in 1857, designed by architect TC Hine.

It felt as though I’d left the city behind and I’d entered a place where time stands still.  Here are some moments that I found to be creepy whilst I was there.

I took this shot when a bird suddenly took off from the roof of the derelict building.  I recall jumping slightly as I heard the bird’s wings flapping.

I think this bird was spooked by something lurking inside the disused living quarters.

It felt as though in one short moment the bird was alive and flighty, then the next it had collapsed and like everything else in this place, it slowly disintegrates into the ground.

Dead Bird



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