One Word Photo Challenge: NIGHT


This is the view from my home garden at night time.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 17.55.55I first started editing this image in photoshop elements 9, in 2011.  I’d not long got my computer software and I was fairly new to photo editing.

Today, about 6 years later, I decided to finish it off.  I thought about removing the white/grey edges left behind by the Background Eraser tools in the early versions of Photoshop elements which appear in the silhouette of the foliage and garden hedges, after trying out the edits I realised that the limitations and of the older photo editing software tools in this instance have added light and midtone to my photograph, so I left it be.

Although some critics will consider this to be a flaw in my image, I don’t.  Instead I choose to see it as a picture of a learning process or a photograph of a stage in the progress of digital photography.  I may not ever produce work like this again.

Please click here to visit our host Jennifer Nichole Wells and to find out more about the ‘One Word Challenge”.


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