London Day Trip

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On Thursday 19th November, tomorrow morning we are going on a London day trip with the ‘Finding Samuel Morley’ project.  The purpose of the trip is to visit the Morley Memorial College, in the borough of Lambeth, in the South Bank of London.

I know we’re all hoping to take some photos during our time in London.  So I’ve checked out tomorrows weather forecast for Greater London and I think we’ll be lucky, as most of the day is cloudy with no rain and it’ll be warmer than it has been in Nottingham recently.

There also might be some free time for us in London to visit another place too,  I’m guessing though, we’ll stay in Lambeth to allow for time to travel.  Some of you may know already that whenever I make travel arrangements or go on days out, they often don’t go according to plan.

So, I’ve created a list with links and a google map, showing the places of interest that we could visit, during our time in Lambeth, at least then we’ll have a map or list to refer to, in the event that we do get lost or end up getting on the wrong tube train in London. 😀

Lambeth Map2-crop

Here is a list of the places we could visit in Lambeth:

What possibly could go wrong?

I know we won’t have time to visit them all and the places we do go and see will depend on their proximity.

The morley college and Lambeth Bridge is free to visit.  The war museum is too, but they do have some restrictive guidelines on taking photographs inside the museum.

The old vic theatre currently runs as a charity and is used as a production house for theatre and performances.  I would like to take some shots of the building’s exterior, because it was here that Samuel Morley built his foundations for free adult education with a series of public lectures.

I’m not sure if the Lambeth Palace and the Cinema Museum are free to enter, but I do know that if you want to visit the Cinema museum you have to book in advance.  However, I wouldn’t also mind photographing this building from the outside as it was formerly the Lambeth Workhouse opened in 1873, replacing the one on Princes Street which has now been demolished.

Do you know of anymore places of interest to visit in Lambeth?

If you do please let me know by contacting me or commenting below.


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