Christmas Time


This month’s photo blogging challenge theme for December is ‘Holiday’.  So, as it was Christmas this month I decided to use the Christmas holiday as my theme.

I think that December’s festive season brings me lots of photographic opportunities, especially as I like Christmas trees and doing low light photography.

Here are my five:

The first image, I took a close-up shot of my friend holding her glass of martini and lemonade during a Christmas drink and catch up.

I liked the contrasting colours of the fairy lights and the softly focussed bokeh on the  tree in the background.


My next two images I shot at night time in the area where I live. Sherwood is a small borough a short bus ride away from the city centre.  It has a few shops along its high street and always makes an effort with its Christmas decorations.


The photo above is my local pub ‘The Sherwood Manor’.  I Liked the fairy lights in the tree outside.  A part of me wishes the car wasn’t in the shot, so that the entrance to the pub building was not blocked from view.  But, on the other hand I love the colour of the car and I think it adds to the image.


This is Sherwood high street which gets lively at this time of year.  I found that the whole photo in colour was far to busy, the road and traffic distracted from the tree.  So, I chose to have the Christmas tree & lights in colour only and the rest in black & white in an attempt to eliminate clashing tones from the moving cars.

Every year in early December I go up into the loft and bring down a few boxes of Christmas decorations to prepare for the celebrations ahead. Then I like to sort through the cardboard boxes and paper bags as I’ve forgotten whats inside.  Its intriguing to look through the boxes containing old Christmas decorations from the past.  I find this lets me rediscover my childhood memories again.  Every bauble has a story.

My third image below is our Christmas tree adorned with fairy lights and a range of vintage baubles uncovered from the boxes.  There’s no point in spending money on new ones, when you already have plenty to choose from.


My last image is of a paper snowman which I found whilst rummaging through the boxes.  This was once used as a Christmas decoration in my granddad’s house during the 1950’s.  The snowman decoration is now stained nicotine yellow from the decades of smoke from my granddad’s cigarettes.


Well, thats mine done, for this year anyway.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve all come up with for this months theme.

I hope you had a merry christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year !


To see more ‘holiday’ themed photos from Decembers Challenge..please click here to visit our host at A’LIL HOOHAA Blog.


8 thoughts on “Christmas Time

  1. Lovely bokeh effects! Looks like you had a festive manicure as well. 🙂 I love getting out the decorations every year. It’s like a trip down memory lane. Hope your Christmas was blessed with treasured memories.

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  2. What a treasure of past Christmas decorations you have! I can’t believe that a paper snowman has survived that long!
    Brilliant idea to make the street black and white. It’s beautiful.
    I need to remember that I know how to do such photo editing and take the time to do it. All my photos were simply taken and thrown up on the post. No edits whatsoever.

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  3. I find that holiday lights (aka fairy lights) are one thing guaranteed to bring on my Christmas spirit. Nice to see so many included in your photo set this month. I could really relate to your description of hauling out the boxes of Christmas ornaments to take a walk down memory lane. Some of my favourite ornaments to choose for our tree are those crafted by our boys when they were youngsters in preschool, kindergarten and their primary grades. I also have a few that I inherited from my grandparents, though none so grand as that snowman – it’s so well cared for. Reminds me of the lyrics for Frosty the Snowman, with his corn cob pipe and button nose. Thanks for posting.

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  4. I think you really nailed the December theme. The bokeh in some of your shots is really awesome. Love the one with the selective color and the blur on the tree. I think the fourth one down is really my favorite, though. Great colors and that blur is excellent. Really well done.


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