This month I’ve found myself busy with a few changes in my life, which should be worth my while once I’ve got to grips with it all.  So my entry for this month’s photo blogging challenge is a bit of a last minute throw together.

I also didn’t want all my shots to be of the interior of my home, as I’ve realised that I have  and do take images which relate to the theme ‘inside’ in more of a conceptual way.

Here are my five:






This months photo blogging challenge is hosted by PJ Harmer. Please visit A’Lil HooHaa blog to see more entries from this challenge.


10 thoughts on “Inside

  1. I think you did a nice job with the theme this year. I like the can in the top photo. That trailer with using the fence is really cool, too. All five of your shots came out well. Nice job!

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  2. Very interesting group of shots for this month. I really love the last one and having it in black and white adds a great industrial, decaying feel. Like Katherine, I’m drawn to those types of shots as well.

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