Outside The Box

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This is my entry for this month’s photo blogging challenge theme : ‘Outside The Box.’

I decided to think of the phrase ‘outside the box’ as something which appears to be unconventional and has been thought about from a new perspective.

I ended up using my iphone to take all my shots, mainly because it was the only camera I had on me at the time and most of my photos for this theme where unplanned.

Here are my five:


My first shot above was taken in Sherwood, close by to where I live.  I liked the idea of using a colourful motorbike helmet instead of a hanging basket. The Brownie’s Cafe facade certainly looks vibrant and eye catching.

My next image shows the entrance to Sneinton market shops, in the Eastside of Nottingham City.

When I first saw this sculpture on my way home, it took me by surprise, I couldn’t quite believe she was there, an undressed mannequin perched upon the closed gates.


It had been raining for most of the day and the market was now shut and empty.  I deliberately chose this composition to allow room, for her outstretched arms and hands to feel the drizzling rain coming down from the sky above.

My third image is taken outside a music shop in Hockley.

Instead of a plant pot why not use a drum to plant your geraniums and old trumpet in?


My fourth shot below I took in Nottingham city centre, on a sunny morning when I noticed how someone had used the pay phone during the night as a table to drink wine, whilst having a chat with a friend on the phone. They’d left the empty bottle behind before going out to a night club.


Finally, the last image is one I took when I stopped to look at this sign on the outside of a local pub in Sherwood.


I found the sign unusual and my initial reaction was that the pub had been shut down and then transformed into a day care nursing home for men. Upon reading the sign for the second time, I guessed that the pub landlord decided to use humour to drum up more trade.

Whilst taking photos for this challenge I realised that most of my shots were due to businesses using the theme ‘Outside The Box’ to creatively advertise their goods or services and to catch people’s interest as they pass by.

I enjoyed taking part this month and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with for this month’s theme.

To see all the other entries for this month’s theme visit PJ Harmer at A’ LilHooHaa.com


7 thoughts on “Outside The Box

  1. OK, these are the best pictures EVER!!!! The flower ones are awesome. The mannequin made me laugh because the neighbors behind me bought two naked ones and they have them posed in their back yard. “To scare ducks out of the pool,” they say. It doesn’t work, and I have to stare at a naked plastic butt every day! 🙂

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