The Photographer’s Choice

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The photo blogging challenge theme for July is the ‘photographer’s choice’.  I was pleased when I first got this theme, as I had freedom of choice with no limitations, but as the month progressed, I found that this made me indecisive.

I’m late publishing this post as I wanted to use shots I took on 30th July whilst attending the Sneinton Festival main day event.  I was on the Backlit Gallery stall at the festival, which was running creative activities for children.  Since then, I’ve been busy photo editing and throwing this post together, so I may add a few links and video later on. Here are my five:

  1. IMG_2441-rosie-lgtlk3

Our Backlit Gallery stall with ceramics, postcard and badge making activities.

I was busy for most of the day but near to closing time most people were attracted to the main stage.  I could feel a reggae bassline with a ska tempo and I managed to slip away into the crowd of the live music which had been tempting me out all day.  The images below are shots I managed to take during my time out.

2. img_3019edt-lgtlk-wm

Unknown Era‘ are a Hip Hop, ska & Reggae band from Nottingham, UK.  I really love this band and I knew they were headlining at Sneinton Festival this year so I was glad to get to watch them perform.

3. IMG_2490-C29unknownWM

4. IMG_unknownERa1C-wm

5. IMG_2449DanielSophia-2WM


To see more photos in this challenge please visit PJ Harmer at A’Lil HooHaa blog.


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