Black And White


Every month I take part in PJ Harmer’s photo blogging challenge.  At the beginning of each month we are given a photographic theme to interpret in any way we want. At the end of the month all the partcipants publish a blog post including their five images which they took during the course of the month. This month the theme is Black And White.

Usually I shoot and compose photos for colour.  Then on my computer during the photo editing process I flip through my shots and I occasionly pause at one photo and wonder what would this image look like in B&W? 

After trying out a few B&W presets I either choose one, or decide to leave it and settle for colour.

For this challenge I decided to shoot in a different way. Before composing an image I thought about the content of the image and will it produce a good B&W?

Here are my five:

In Nottingham, during the summer, the Old Market Square transforms itself into ‘The Beach On The Square’. The images below is of the Beach Bar and BBQ shack, its hard to believe that it’s actually Nottingham city centre and not somewhere exotic and warm.



  1. I used my DSLR to take the shot above, mainly because I’ve been using my phone camera a lot recently and I want to make owning a bigger DSLR worthwhile.


I’ve managed to attain a greater depth of field with my 7D camera for these cityscapes.

For the rest of my shots I used my camera on my iphone with an app called Retrica. I could view the world in B&W as I observed through my phone’s camera. This way I can see how the image is going to look in Black & White before I shoot it.

3. The pattern on this tabby cat caught my eye in B&W.  The cat ignored me in this shot as he got distracted with something more exciting down the street.

Black & White 100%

Neighbourhood Cat

4. I was really pleased with the results of this shot. I think it’s because I’ve not seen or experienced Nottingham in this perspective before.  If I saw this photo without knowing where it was taken, I wouldn’t recognise it as Nottingham. I’d probably assume it was shot in an upmarket part of London.

Hootlin 100%

Waterfall, Old Market Square, Nottingham


Black & White 100%

Self Portrait

I like the way B&W can over expose to exclude details in parts of an image, whilst focussing attention to other areas of a composition. I’m glad that the B&W in this photo, has made my skin look flawless (with no signs of ageing) and has given emphasis to the dressing table and the pattern of my dress in the mirror.

6. Finally, I took this shot image below for the B&W contrasting tones using my iPhone.

Black & White 100%


So, that’s mine for August.  Looking forward to seeing more photos from others taking part in this photo challenge with our host PJ Harmer at


11 thoughts on “Black And White

  1. Interesting photos, amazing how tones and contrasts show up more in black and white and enhance the picture. I love the ones of the waterfall and the cat the best.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The cat one is amazing, you caught the cat in the act basically, even if he wasn’t looking. The others are awesome too. Surprised how great pictures on a iPhone can actually look.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you did a good job at capturing August’s theme. The black and white images you picked work very well. The water shot is pretty cool, especially in black and white. Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hadn’t heard of Retrica before…thanks for sharing that. Several of your photos this month make great use of really bright areas to create a sort of softness that would just look like blown highlights in colour. They’re all great, but the last one I like for more than just the contrasting black and white – it’s the textures that make it really interesting to me.

    Liked by 1 person

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