‘Tis The Season


Disney Tree

Christmas for some people is enjoying a feeling of festivity, whilst appreciating time with family and loved ones.  ‘Tis the season for giving and receiving, celebrating peace on Earth which brings good will to all men.

For me,  I find christmas to be an intense build up of anxiety and pressure, with far too many expectations. It reaches it’s peak then plummets downwards into a flow of disappointment as I realise I’ve been fooled yet again and that Christmas is just a commercial facade.

To prevent myself from reliving these feelings every year I choose to deal with Christmas in my own way and think of it as just another day like Sunday.

I use Christmas as a time be quiet and to unclutter my mind.  A few glasses bottles of wine will help me do this.

I take time out to reflect on my past year.  I consider how I really feel about things and make a few decisions on how to spend my time so that I can move forwards in the new coming year.

I still put up the Christmas tree and a few decorations because I like to be distracted by colours, shapes and fairy lights.  I get my camera out because I choose to see Christmas as more of an art and photography project to keep my mind focussed.

Here are my five for December’s photo blogging challenge theme ‘Tis the Season.

1. I spent some time this Christmas playing around in photoshop CC with lighting and bokeh. My first image below is one of the results.


2. My next image is an abstract close up from a giant sized Christmas tree in London’s St Pancras train station. The tree is  made up entirely of Disney teddy bears . I like the blur from my flash light due to the slow shutter speed of my camera as it gives the photograph a sense of movement.


3. Snowflake decoration: I chose this shot because I like the cool blue crisp feel of the image.


4. This is a photograph of my butterfly tea light holder, although it’s not a Christmas decoration I feel that the butterfly represents new beginnings for me in the soon to be New Year 2017.


5. My retro baubles on the Christmas tree.


Happy New Year x

To see more photos from this challenge or to join in please click to visit our host PJ Harmer at a’ Lil Hoo Haa blog.


6 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season

  1. Great post Clare – Christmas is such a mixture of emotions for so many people, with more and more commercial pressure to get everything ‘right’. I hope that 2017 is a good year for you with lots more photo opportunities. Especially love your first picture – came out really well.

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  2. Great description in your intro. I tend to agree, and still I take the ride every season.
    Love your pictures, especially the Disney one. I’d love to see a full size shot of that tree if you have one?
    Happy new year!

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  3. Happy New Year Clare! It’s easy to relate to your introductory paragraph. Fortunately, most of my extended family agrees that spending time enjoying one another’s company is more important than participating in the frenzy, so we’ve managed to bring things down a notch or two each year starting about 5 years ago. Cumulatively, it’s made a big difference and now the highlights of our holiday season including getting out for at least one walk together, preparing meals together and playing board games/card games. I realized this year that for the first time in what seems like forever, I didn’t have a big post-holiday letdown. Hope you had a similar even keel experience. As for your photos, they are absolutely beautiful, to the point they should be on the front of boxes and boxes of Christmas cards available in my closest shop! I like your idea of converting the craziness of the season into a personal creative challenge. And what a great warm up for our January theme of “express yourself”.

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