This is my entry for this month’s photo blogging challenge theme – Love.

To find out more about this challenge or to join in please visit  A’ lil hoo

img_4635-clone-sharpwmThe image is my favourite this month. I spotted this ornament at my friend’s house one day whilst we were having coffee. I think it was the red beads contrasting with the gold that caught my eye and I loved the fact that the Buddha seemed to be having an afternoon sleep . It made me feel relaxed and connected to the world.

I took my next image whilst inside a shop. It’s the valentines window display of Sherwood’s local charity shop called Mind.  It made a change to photograph a dressed window from inside, behind the glass rather than trying to avoid flare and unwanted reflections which can be a problem when shooting through the glass. I liked the lines from the material back drop  and the feeling of intimacy given by the screen.  Mind’s window displays always catch my eye as I walk past and I find myself stopping to stare through the glass, their window dresser does such a great job.



Red Shoes

3-4. I notice that there’s a big commercial aspect to St Valentines Day, so most shops in town promote their St Valentines Day gifts and products. I took this shot because I liked the larger area of white against the smaller touch of red in this image. I knew that when I placed all of my five images together on my blog I’d see my pictures clashing  with each other by all 5 of them screaming red at once, which will spoil the overall look of my photos, so I had to think about which images I produced this month would also work well as part of a set and I chose to use my next image as a bit of a ‘space maker’.


Commercial Hearts


True Love

5. My Last image below I made in photoshop in memory of my Mum and Dad’s marriage. I used an old printed photograph.


Celebrating Couples


To see all other entries for this challenge please visit PJ Harmer at A’Lil HOO Haa.


9 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. Number two… WOW! I love all of these but the second is my favorite. The first picture above everything is a close runner up. Great job on the theme!

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  2. Here in the states, Valentine’s Day is a huge commercial holiday…much too commercialized for my taste. But, I love your selection for the theme, and the last one is my favorite. What a lovely remembrance. And I really like the effect you achieved shooting the store window from the backside! Very creative!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you have a wonderful set of images for this theme. It’s hard not to capture the Valentine’s Day theme to mix in with the love as they tend to go hand in hand. Nice work. I like your first one as well! 🙂

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