Photo Blogging Challenge Theme ‘No.4’

Photography, Urban Exploring

I don’t really think about numbers much, I tend to use the right side of my brain which focuses on visualisation, creativity and daydreaming.  The only time I choose to use numbers or logic is when its a step towards a creative output, such as when I’m using my camera to calculate an exposure or using fractions when tessallating a composition.

For my five images this time I decided to try and use composition to show four parts within each photograph to work the theme No.4.

I shot my first two images at a demolition site where a closed down school for children with hearing difficulties has been knocked down.

1. The rusty gate railings  split the picture below into two parts, one half being the horizon in the background and in the second half the railing itself creates three parts in the foreground, making a total of 4 parts within this image.

2. The square holes in the sheet metal gate below along with the gap between the padlock chain and the ajar gate, partitions this photo into 4 parts.



This image of a deteriorating wall is divided into four parts by varying textures and tones.  I’ve noticed that there’s a lot more decay and depreciation occurring in my home town probably due high repair costs and the recession.

The last two images I took in a small play park close to home.

4.  The climbing frame separates the photograph into 4 parts when looking through it.  It was also good to feel some sunshine. I think it was the first bit of sun I’ve had in a while.

5. The rusty park railings divide this image into 4 vertical sections.

And thats March gone!

To see more entries for this challenge theme No.4 please visit our host PJ Harmer at

Check out the theme for April here.


7 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge Theme ‘No.4’

  1. Your photography is the kind I love the most…. old things, worn down things, metal things, all made beautiful. The second actually reminds me of Willie Wonka’s factory as if it it shut down. It is magical!

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  2. Wow, I think the left side of your brain is working just fine! I love the direction you took with this theme. Really, when we “right-brainers” stop and think about it, *math* figures into our mental processing a lot more than we realize…or want to admit? 🙂 Fantastic job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou Lisa and I do think you’re right, we do use maths a lot more than we realise, especially when doing a creative activity. Just by participating in this themed challenge has made me aware of my thought processes I do and can actually use when doing something artistic.


  3. I really like the imagination and thought you put into this theme — it’s a different take and that is cool. Good images to showcase it, and nicely done. 🙂

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