Summer Fun


Summer Fun On The Square

I think it might be a bit late for summer fun now.  I’ve been busy with other stuff these past few months so the summer has passed by without my attention. We had some sunny days here in the uk, but not as many as I hoped.  The weather is so changeable one day hot the next not so hot, then I think it’ll pass by soon but the dullness continues for the rest of the week or two.  I didn’t go away on holiday this year nor have I for the past 7 years so I really wasn’t expecting to either. Maybe thats the problem I’ve resigned myself to not having a holiday as it seems too stressful to organise anything.

I did manage to take some time out to go on a few day trips this summer which I have lots of photographs from but I haven’t had time to edit yet and they don’t really fit the theme because the weather wasn’t good.  However I spend some time observing and photographing other people’s summer fun on one of our sunny days this August.  I’ve only chosen three images though mainly because I felt that my 3 shots worked well together and if I added more it would’ve spoiled my set. So here are my 3 photos for PJ Harmers photo blogging challenge this month with the theme Summer Fun: 

Once year it comes, our beach for the summer, living in a city away from the seaside makes it harder for families to get away on vacation. It’s a time when travel costs are high and holiday resorts are too expensive.  The Old Market Square is the main meeting point in our town so the beach on the square makes it a great place to come and experience the holiday atmosphere with the people of Nottingham.

The Beach On The Square

The Beach On The Square, Old Market Square, Nottingham, UK



Fair On The Square, Old Market Square, Nottingham, UK


The Beach Ice Cream Slush Parlour

The Beach on the Square Promenade, Old Market Square, Nottingham, UK


Thats it Summer is done.  Don’t forget to check out other entries for this theme at our host’s PJ Harmer’s blog at 


6 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. That is a lot of people on the beach! But, it’s so colorful and looks like a lot of fun. I love the perspective of the ride, although those rides tend to make me a bit on the dizzy side. Looks like summer was an enjoyable time in your corner of the world.

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  2. You’re right, those 3 photos work really well together, both in terms of showing people having fun and the colours and energy. Well chosen. Hope to see some photos from your day trips this summer once you’ve had a chance to process them.

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