Photographers Choice

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It’s a late post for the photo blogging Challenge this month, I work in retail as an independent sales representative and if I’m not busy in October by December I’ll be overwhelmed with the Christmas rush. I also wanted to get out and about with my camera this October, as Autumn is a great time for photography, so I accepted an invitation to go on a 5 mile walk along the River Erewash and canal with a friend from my tennis group.  Here are my 5 images for the theme Photographers Choice:

The first image I shot at the beginning of our Autumn walk as I was crossing the iron railway bridge in the morning light.  I was attracted to the Autumn colours of the shrubs and trees either side of the railway track. When I looked through the old iron bridge lattice it was like having a glimpse into a past era when the countryside was left unspoilt and allowed to flourish.

1. Railway Bridge view.

Railway Bridge

Old Iron Railway Bridge, Trowell, Nottingham.


2. Cygnets plucking their down as they begin their transition into young swans.



Cygnets, the River Erewash Canal, Nottinghamshire


3. A young swan in the Erewash Nottingham Canal.

Young Swan

Young Swan in the Erewash Canal, Nottinghamshire


4. Brushwood.


During our countryside walk the sun went in and around midday the morning light loses saturation, so atmospheric pictures with tones and soft shadows become less likely. I prefer to shoot in early morning and late afternoon light, but avoiding midday is not always possible. The image above is a tin storage shed surrounded by brushwood, thicket and a pond, I took it around noon with no sun and looked lack lustre so I decided to give it a revamp in photoshop.

5. Horse Portrait.


Field Horse

I love this horse’s portrait, I haven’t been into the countryside for a long time and it was good to meet and stroke some friendly horses on our journey.

6. Red Berry Church

An extra image as I couldn’t decide not to include this shot of St Catherine’s church in the village of  Cossall which is renowned for the author D.H Lawrence born in Eastwood Nottingham, who was engaged to Louie Burrows 1910 a teacher who lived in Church Cottage next door to St Catherines.  The Cossall village features in the D.H Lawrence novel ‘The Rainbow’.

Red Berry Church

St Catherine’s Church, Cossall, Nottingham

Thats busy October done looking forward to the new year already.

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Unlocking The Past



This door belongs to ‘The House of The Flying Wheel’, the former manufacturing centre for Samuel Morley’s textile empire based in Nottingham during the 1800’s.  This is one of Samuel Morley’s original and most prominent textile manufacturing plants. The 19th Century name given to the building was due to Morley’s innovative approach to technology.

In 1855, Samuel Morley inherited his fathers company I & R morley.  He proved himself to be a commercial genius, he was also a renowned social reformer and politician, he had an enduring gift for breaking barriers and developing unity across cities.  He gave large amounts of money to provide free education to the working classes and he believed in social equality.


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I was feeling sad on the night of 31st October the eve of All Saints’ Day celebrated by ancient Celtics during the festival of ‘Samhain’ (pronounced sew-in).

Samhain is the time when spirits and ghosts are set free from the land and are sent on by the Lord of the Dead to their new incarnations. The celebrations are to honour the dead who are allowed to rise from the other world, but not all souls are chosen by the Lord of the Dead, some have to remain on the other side.


The wearing of frightening costumes symbolises the release of souls into the physical world. However, not all souls were respected and some fear that they will return to haunt the living who may have done them wrong.  This is Halloween.

London Day Trip

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On Thursday 19th November, tomorrow morning we are going on a London day trip with the ‘Finding Samuel Morley’ project.  The purpose of the trip is to visit the Morley Memorial College, in the borough of Lambeth, in the South Bank of London.

I know we’re all hoping to take some photos during our time in London.  So I’ve checked out tomorrows weather forecast for Greater London and I think we’ll be lucky, as most of the day is cloudy with no rain and it’ll be warmer than it has been in Nottingham recently.

There also might be some free time for us in London to visit another place too,  I’m guessing though, we’ll stay in Lambeth to allow for time to travel.  Some of you may know already that whenever I make travel arrangements or go on days out, they often don’t go according to plan.

So, I’ve created a list with links and a google map, showing the places of interest that we could visit, during our time in Lambeth, at least then we’ll have a map or list to refer to, in the event that we do get lost or end up getting on the wrong tube train in London. 😀

The Morley Union

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The Morley Union is a group of local photographers, artists, designers, writers and historians who have worked together with the aim to reconnect the people of Nottingham with a forward thinking victorian philanthropist Samuel Morley.

As a member of the Morley Union I’ve enjoyed using my camera to explore Nottingham’s industrial past and to have understood more about Samuel Morley’s approach to social activism.

The finding Samuel Morley project is now coming to an end and to celebrate this the Morley Union are launching free events at Backlit Gallery, who are now launching their digitalized collection of Samuel Morley memorabilia in a visual and emotionally directed archive.

The Morley Threads digital archive was produced by Kind.  It features: videos, oral histories, images and historical information online for future generations to enjoy and learn.

Would you like to go back in time and see the Morley Threads digital archive?then please click here

Backlit gallery are also hosting a virtual reality experience called  ‘The House of the Flying Wheel’, which was produced by Hotknife Digital Media Studio to allow Backlit visitors to step back in time through a reimagined setting of the original factory in the late 19th century.

This in-house concept provides the virtual reality experience by using contemporary gaming technology.

Backlit Gallery is using its premises for hosting the events and the in-house experience  allowing viewers to interact with the building’s history as an old textile factory, built by renowned hosiery manufacturers I&R Morley.

Remembrance Sunday

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My Great Granddad, Samuel James Hamilton with his pals of the 6th London regiment, taken in World War I.  He’s the one in the middle row, second from the right without a hat.  He sent home this photo to his wife with a written postcard.


I’ve always felt that this photo has a sense of naivety about it because it has captured a moment where most of the soldiers were smiling and having a laugh.