The Photographer’s Choice

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The photo blogging challenge theme for July is the ‘photographer’s choice’.  I was pleased when I first got this theme, as I had freedom of choice with no limitations, but as the month progressed, I found that this made me indecisive.

I’m late publishing this post as I wanted to use shots I took on 30th July whilst attending the Sneinton Festival main day event.  I was on the Backlit Gallery stall at the festival, which was running creative activities for children.  Since then, I’ve been busy photo editing and throwing this post together, so I may add a few links and video later on. Here are my five:

  1. IMG_2441-rosie-lgtlk3

Our Backlit Gallery stall with ceramics, postcard and badge making activities.

I was busy for most of the day but near to closing time most people were attracted to the main stage.  I could feel a reggae bassline with a ska tempo and I managed to slip away into the crowd of the live music which had been tempting me out all day.  The images below are shots I managed to take during my time out.

2. img_3019edt-lgtlk-wm

Unknown Era‘ are a Hip Hop, ska & Reggae band from Nottingham, UK.  I really love this band and I knew they were headlining at Sneinton Festival this year so I was glad to get to watch them perform.



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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”

Mononchrome is one wavelength of light,  transmitting different tones from only one colour.


The Rule Of Thirds

Music, Photography

Here is my entry for this months photo blogging challenge and the theme is ‘The Rule Of Thirds’.

I’ve had lots of photographic opportunities this August, so its been hard to choose my final five.  I really enjoyed doing the theme this time.

My first 3 photos are shots that I took at a live music ‘all nighter’ at a night club in Nottingham called The Maze.  It was a brilliant evening, all the bands that played were really good, we had a medley of hip-hop, folk and ska music until 4am!

If I do decide to fire my flash during a musical performance or club scene, I use a slow shutter speed to create a bit of flash blur.  Photographing this kind of scene provides the chance to be creative with your camera controls, although at times it can be a challenge, but when it works out your images will look great.


I composed my second image above in the rule of thirds, because I wanted to include the spot light to show the direction of the green light in the photograph.

I like the simplicity of the composition  and the blue mono tone in my third image below of the keyboard.

In my night club shots I prefer not to use my flash, so if I can, I like to use the ambient or stage lighting, as I feel that this captures more of the atmosphere in a night club scene.


Now for my final images..the 4th and 5th images I took during a photo session I did this week for a production called “Let The stones speak”.  The performance took place in Nottingham’s Malt Cross Caves.

I like the way my subject’s face is the focal point of the image, which is contained in a very small area within the composition of the photograph.  It was dark in the caves, but I chose not to fire my flash for this shot, but used the available flood lighting instead.


In my fith image below I used my pop up flash, I quite like the result as the stone represents the title of the production.


During the shoot I did get problems with harsh shadows caused by the flood lighting.  But I also managed to get some dramatic low key shots, overall I didn’t do too bad. I really enjoyed taking the photographs maybe I’ll show you the rest sometime.


To see more Photos using the ‘rule of thirds’ theme, or to join in, then please click visit our host PJ Harmer at  A’ Lil Hoo Haa.