Photographers Choice

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It’s a late post for the photo blogging Challenge this month, I work in retail as an independent sales representative and if I’m not busy in October by December I’ll be overwhelmed with the Christmas rush. I also wanted to get out and about with my camera this October, as Autumn is a great time for photography, so I accepted an invitation to go on a 5 mile walk along the River Erewash and canal with a friend from my tennis group.  Here are my 5 images for the theme Photographers Choice:

The first image I shot at the beginning of our Autumn walk as I was crossing the iron railway bridge in the morning light.  I was attracted to the Autumn colours of the shrubs and trees either side of the railway track. When I looked through the old iron bridge lattice it was like having a glimpse into a past era when the countryside was left unspoilt and allowed to flourish.

1. Railway Bridge view.

Railway Bridge

Old Iron Railway Bridge, Trowell, Nottingham.


2. Cygnets plucking their down as they begin their transition into young swans.



Cygnets, the River Erewash Canal, Nottinghamshire


3. A young swan in the Erewash Nottingham Canal.

Young Swan

Young Swan in the Erewash Canal, Nottinghamshire


4. Brushwood.


During our countryside walk the sun went in and around midday the morning light loses saturation, so atmospheric pictures with tones and soft shadows become less likely. I prefer to shoot in early morning and late afternoon light, but avoiding midday is not always possible. The image above is a tin storage shed surrounded by brushwood, thicket and a pond, I took it around noon with no sun and looked lack lustre so I decided to give it a revamp in photoshop.

5. Horse Portrait.


Field Horse

I love this horse’s portrait, I haven’t been into the countryside for a long time and it was good to meet and stroke some friendly horses on our journey.

6. Red Berry Church

An extra image as I couldn’t decide not to include this shot of St Catherine’s church in the village of  Cossall which is renowned for the author D.H Lawrence born in Eastwood Nottingham, who was engaged to Louie Burrows 1910 a teacher who lived in Church Cottage next door to St Catherines.  The Cossall village features in the D.H Lawrence novel ‘The Rainbow’.

Red Berry Church

St Catherine’s Church, Cossall, Nottingham

Thats busy October done looking forward to the new year already.

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Summer Fun


Summer Fun On The Square

I think it might be a bit late for summer fun now.  I’ve been busy with other stuff these past few months so the summer has passed by without my attention. We had some sunny days here in the uk, but not as many as I hoped.  The weather is so changeable one day hot the next not so hot, then I think it’ll pass by soon but the dullness continues for the rest of the week or two.  I didn’t go away on holiday this year nor have I for the past 7 years so I really wasn’t expecting to either. Maybe thats the problem I’ve resigned myself to not having a holiday as it seems too stressful to organise anything.

I did manage to take some time out to go on a few day trips this summer which I have lots of photographs from but I haven’t had time to edit yet and they don’t really fit the theme because the weather wasn’t good.  However I spend some time observing and photographing other people’s summer fun on one of our sunny days this August.  I’ve only chosen three images though mainly because I felt that my 3 shots worked well together and if I added more it would’ve spoiled my set. So here are my 3 photos for PJ Harmers photo blogging challenge this month with the theme Summer Fun: 

Once year it comes, our beach for the summer, living in a city away from the seaside makes it harder for families to get away on vacation. It’s a time when travel costs are high and holiday resorts are too expensive.  The Old Market Square is the main meeting point in our town so the beach on the square makes it a great place to come and experience the holiday atmosphere with the people of Nottingham.

The Beach On The Square

The Beach On The Square, Old Market Square, Nottingham, UK



Fair On The Square, Old Market Square, Nottingham, UK


The Beach Ice Cream Slush Parlour

The Beach on the Square Promenade, Old Market Square, Nottingham, UK


Thats it Summer is done.  Don’t forget to check out other entries for this theme at our host’s PJ Harmer’s blog at 

A Different Lens

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This months photo blogging challenge theme is to shoot 5 images through a different lens or camera.

I recently bought a new lens and was pleased with the theme this time as this was a good opportunity to try out my new Sigma 10-22mm f/3.5 lens on Canon 7D.

I bought this lens because I photograph a lot of buildings and interiors and I needed the ultra wide focal length 10-22mm to allow for the latitude in my images of buildings and to give freedom in the composition of internal structures and dereliction sites. Here are this month’s five using my Sigma 10-22mm lens…

The ruins of a pair of chapels built in 1876 constructed with rock-faced stone and designed in a Gothic Revival style with granite columns, lancet windows, hood moulds and stone gargoyles. The chapels are located in the Old Basford Cemetery, Perry Road in Nottingham.


The chapels have not been used as a place for worship for some time. Their last use being for storage. The chapel on the far left and the gateway suffered fire damage in January 1995 which meant that one side chapel was burnt out and the unsafe roof had to be removed.

Below is a shot I took from inside the fire ruined chapel whilst standing on a stone window ledge, it is all that remains of the chapel’s once steeply pitched patterned slate roof.



Inside the ruined chapel, two small rooms stripped back to bare walls, glaring sunlight fading bricks, protruding weeds, splintered wood through broken floors, forgotten masses and dismembered doors.



My last images I took at a demolition site. I wanted an abandoned bare tree shot against a vast landscape with a dramtic sky.  I waited until I’d got my ultra wide lens to gain the distortion I wanted within my composition.  However, when I arrived at at the location I discovered that things had changed since I last visited.


The tree that once stood here before me has now uprooted and died.  So I took the shot even though it now looks like a giant twig stranded on the ground. At least I got my dramatic sky.  I’m guessing the roots were damaged during the demolition of the Hendric building.

A bonus photo because I couldn’t decide between the last two. Taken at the same location and the over turned soil from the demolition reminds of the sand dunes at Golden Sands (Mablethorpe’s beach a popular uk east coast holiday resort).  I couldn’t resist the red poppies against the baron land and blue skies.


Thats mine done.  I’m loving my new lens I’m glad I chose it.

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This is my entry for this month’s photo blogging challenge theme ‘Colour’.

I was hoping to try and use my new ultra wide lens this month but I got sold a Nikon fit by mistake and when I realised it was too late, so I used a different lens instead – my Canon 24-105mm f4L on 7D camera.

It has been a colourful April for me due to some sunny days and better weather.  Most of my photos relate to tennis in some way or another (apart from the image of the yellow sale stickers at my now closed down local supermarket. )

Here are my five:


Tennis Balls – red and yellow

Photo Blogging Challenge Theme ‘No.4’

Photography, Urban Exploring

I don’t really think about numbers much, I tend to use the right side of my brain which focuses on visualisation, creativity and daydreaming.  The only time I choose to use numbers or logic is when its a step towards a creative output, such as when I’m using my camera to calculate an exposure or using fractions when tessallating a composition.

For my five images this time I decided to try and use composition to show four parts within each photograph to work the theme No.4.

I shot my first two images at a demolition site where a closed down school for children with hearing difficulties has been knocked down.

1. The rusty gate railings  split the picture below into two parts, one half being the horizon in the background and in the second half the railing itself creates three parts in the foreground, making a total of 4 parts within this image.

2. The square holes in the sheet metal gate below along with the gap between the padlock chain and the ajar gate, partitions this photo into 4 parts.



This image of a deteriorating wall is divided into four parts by varying textures and tones.  I’ve noticed that there’s a lot more decay and depreciation occurring in my home town probably due high repair costs and the recession.



This is my entry for this month’s photo blogging challenge theme – Love.

To find out more about this challenge or to join in please visit  A’ lil hoo

img_4635-clone-sharpwmThe image is my favourite this month. I spotted this ornament at my friend’s house one day whilst we were having coffee. I think it was the red beads contrasting with the gold that caught my eye and I loved the fact that the Buddha seemed to be having an afternoon sleep . It made me feel relaxed and connected to the world.

Express Yourself


This is my entry for this month’s photo blogging challenge. The theme this month is ‘Express Yourself’.

I had a good start to the new year as I attended a book launch event for an anthology of short stories which includes one of mine.

However now, my low mood from Christmas has returned,  perhaps its because of the bad weather and lack of sunlight.  I’ve got some deadlines approaching which are adding to my anxiety levels.  I think this has effected the way I’ve approached the theme for January.

Anyway, all that aside here are my five:

 Open Grave

3106grunge-sepia-1-largeThis image expresses how I feel when I wake up each morning. I usually have a massive headache and it takes me a few hours to work out who I am and what’s going on in my life.

 I’ve died decades ago and now I remain here without any connection to the world.

20 Days of Chill



Day 11 of A’lil HooHaa’s 20 Days of Chill

Today’s prompt is:  Selfie Nation

I’ve always liked taking selfies, even before I got my iphone I would put my DSLR on tripod and timer, then I simply guessed what the selfie photo result would be like. Admittedly it was a lot harder to get what I wanted without the live view from mobile phones.

I often don’t like photos of myself taken by other people. I think it’s because I’m difficult to photograph. When I take photos of myself I like to be able to manipulate the lighting, angles and exposure to suit my face. I also like to have full control over how I appear in images.

I think people generally use photography to capture memories and moments with close family and friends. I do this to some extent, but this is not the main reason why I do photography or take selfies.

‘Tis The Season


Disney Tree

Christmas for some people is enjoying a feeling of festivity, whilst appreciating time with family and loved ones.  ‘Tis the season for giving and receiving, celebrating peace on Earth which brings good will to all men.

For me,  I find christmas to be an intense build up of anxiety and pressure, with far too many expectations. It reaches it’s peak then plummets downwards into a flow of disappointment as I realise I’ve been fooled yet again and that Christmas is just a commercial facade.

To prevent myself from reliving these feelings every year I choose to deal with Christmas in my own way and think of it as just another day like Sunday.


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I was feeling sad on the night of 31st October the eve of All Saints’ Day celebrated by ancient Celtics during the festival of ‘Samhain’ (pronounced sew-in).

Samhain is the time when spirits and ghosts are set free from the land and are sent on by the Lord of the Dead to their new incarnations. The celebrations are to honour the dead who are allowed to rise from the other world, but not all souls are chosen by the Lord of the Dead, some have to remain on the other side.


The wearing of frightening costumes symbolises the release of souls into the physical world. However, not all souls were respected and some fear that they will return to haunt the living who may have done them wrong.  This is Halloween.

Black And White


Every month I take part in PJ Harmer’s photo blogging challenge.  At the beginning of each month we are given a photographic theme to interpret in any way we want. At the end of the month all the partcipants publish a blog post including their five images which they took during the course of the month. This month the theme is Black And White.

Usually I shoot and compose photos for colour.  Then on my computer during the photo editing process I flip through my shots and I occasionly pause at one photo and wonder what would this image look like in B&W? 

After trying out a few B&W presets I either choose one, or decide to leave it and settle for colour.

For this challenge I decided to shoot in a different way. Before composing an image I thought about the content of the image and will it produce a good B&W?

The Photographer’s Choice

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The photo blogging challenge theme for July is the ‘photographer’s choice’.  I was pleased when I first got this theme, as I had freedom of choice with no limitations, but as the month progressed, I found that this made me indecisive.

I’m late publishing this post as I wanted to use shots I took on 30th July whilst attending the Sneinton Festival main day event.  I was on the Backlit Gallery stall at the festival, which was running creative activities for children.  Since then, I’ve been busy photo editing and throwing this post together, so I may add a few links and video later on. Here are my five:

  1. IMG_2441-rosie-lgtlk3

Our Backlit Gallery stall with ceramics, postcard and badge making activities.

I was busy for most of the day but near to closing time most people were attracted to the main stage.  I could feel a reggae bassline with a ska tempo and I managed to slip away into the crowd of the live music which had been tempting me out all day.  The images below are shots I managed to take during my time out.

2. img_3019edt-lgtlk-wm

Unknown Era‘ are a Hip Hop, ska & Reggae band from Nottingham, UK.  I really love this band and I knew they were headlining at Sneinton Festival this year so I was glad to get to watch them perform.