Summer Rain

  It has taken a long time for me to write this Haiku poem.  I usually don’t do poetry but I thought I’d give it a go. Rain through my glass pane Wet in the blurry vignette Cold flowers shiver Hued drops stain glass Eyes chasing running colours Summer rain beats fast Glowing blue then … More Summer Rain

A Fading Memory

During past summers as I passed by the house with the rose garden. I would stop as I noticed the abundance of colour that would fill my eyes as a floral aroma drifted lightly from the roses. I also like to remember the girl who played in the rose garden.  She always looked scruffy, her … More A Fading Memory

A Shade Of The Past

In June, I was on the ‘Finding Samuel Morley Photography Project’ based at Backlit Gallery.  As part of this project I went out in Nottingham with the group taking photos of old places and buildings associated with Samuel Morley, some of which had changed over time, but some of them had stayed the same. There … More A Shade Of The Past