The Photographer’s Choice

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The photo blogging challenge theme for July is the ‘photographer’s choice’.  I was pleased when I first got this theme, as I had freedom of choice with no limitations, but as the month progressed, I found that this made me indecisive.

I’m late publishing this post as I wanted to use shots I took on 30th July whilst attending the Sneinton Festival main day event.  I was on the Backlit Gallery stall at the festival, which was running creative activities for children.  Since then, I’ve been busy photo editing and throwing this post together, so I may add a few links and video later on. Here are my five:

  1. IMG_2441-rosie-lgtlk3

Our Backlit Gallery stall with ceramics, postcard and badge making activities.

I was busy for most of the day but near to closing time most people were attracted to the main stage.  I could feel a reggae bassline with a ska tempo and I managed to slip away into the crowd of the live music which had been tempting me out all day.  The images below are shots I managed to take during my time out.

2. img_3019edt-lgtlk-wm

Unknown Era‘ are a Hip Hop, ska & Reggae band from Nottingham, UK.  I really love this band and I knew they were headlining at Sneinton Festival this year so I was glad to get to watch them perform.


Summer Is Served


This is my entry for this months photo blogging challenge theme: baseball.  I’ve had to improvise with the theme this time, as there is no baseball here in the UK. There is a game called ’rounders’ which is the Irish version of base ball. Rounders is described as a game of ‘bat and ball’ and with it being the start of our tennis season in June, I chose this as as my theme.

This year I started playing tennis again, the last game I played was over twenty years ago, so my beginner group coaching sessions are suiting me just fine.  I planned my five shots to be about our soft ball tennis sessions, but seeing as our tennis coach got us all free wrist bands for the Aegon Open at the Tennis Centre in Nottingham, I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a go at sport photography and take some shots for this months photo challenge. Here are my five:

  1. On centre court Ashleigh BARTY (AUS) vs Andrea HLAVACKOVA (CZE).


 2. I took these shots during the last few games of the WTA singles match.  Below: Hlavackova is waiting for the ball to drop, so she can deliver her smash.



Outside The Box

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This is my entry for this month’s photo blogging challenge theme : ‘Outside The Box.’

I decided to think of the phrase ‘outside the box’ as something which appears to be unconventional and has been thought about from a new perspective.

I ended up using my iphone to take all my shots, mainly because it was the only camera I had on me at the time and most of my photos for this theme where unplanned.



This month I’ve found myself busy with a few changes in my life, which should be worth my while once I’ve got to grips with it all.  So my entry for this month’s photo blogging challenge is a bit of a last minute throw together.

I also didn’t want all my shots to be of the interior of my home, as I’ve realised that I have  and do take images which relate to the theme ‘inside’ in more of a conceptual way.

Here are my five:



A Fading Memory



During past summers as I passed by the house with the rose garden.  I would stop as I noticed the abundance of colour that would fill my eyes as a floral aroma drifted lightly from the roses.

I also like to remember the girl who played in the rose garden.  She always looked scruffy, her dresses were too short and her hair was never tidy.  Her plaits never stayed put and her ribbons fell undone.

Christmas Time


This month’s photo blogging challenge theme for December is ‘Holiday’.  So, as it was Christmas this month I decided to use the Christmas holiday as my theme.

I think that December’s festive season brings me lots of photographic opportunities, especially as I like Christmas trees and doing low light photography.

Here are my five:

The first image, I took a close-up shot of my friend holding her glass of martini and lemonade during a Christmas drink and catch up.

I liked the contrasting colours of the fairy lights and the softly focussed bokeh on the  tree in the background.


London Day Trip

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On Thursday 19th November, tomorrow morning we are going on a London day trip with the ‘Finding Samuel Morley’ project.  The purpose of the trip is to visit the Morley Memorial College, in the borough of Lambeth, in the South Bank of London.

I know we’re all hoping to take some photos during our time in London.  So I’ve checked out tomorrows weather forecast for Greater London and I think we’ll be lucky, as most of the day is cloudy with no rain and it’ll be warmer than it has been in Nottingham recently.

There also might be some free time for us in London to visit another place too,  I’m guessing though, we’ll stay in Lambeth to allow for time to travel.  Some of you may know already that whenever I make travel arrangements or go on days out, they often don’t go according to plan.

So, I’ve created a list with links and a google map, showing the places of interest that we could visit, during our time in Lambeth, at least then we’ll have a map or list to refer to, in the event that we do get lost or end up getting on the wrong tube train in London. 😀

The Morley Union

History, Projects

The Morley Union is a group of local photographers, artists, designers, writers and historians who have worked together with the aim to reconnect the people of Nottingham with a forward thinking victorian philanthropist Samuel Morley.

As a member of the Morley Union I’ve enjoyed using my camera to explore Nottingham’s industrial past and to have understood more about Samuel Morley’s approach to social activism.

The finding Samuel Morley project is now coming to an end and to celebrate this the Morley Union are launching free events at Backlit Gallery, who are now launching their digitalized collection of Samuel Morley memorabilia in a visual and emotionally directed archive.

The Morley Threads digital archive was produced by Kind.  It features: videos, oral histories, images and historical information online for future generations to enjoy and learn.

Would you like to go back in time and see the Morley Threads digital archive?then please click here

Backlit gallery are also hosting a virtual reality experience called  ‘The House of the Flying Wheel’, which was produced by Hotknife Digital Media Studio to allow Backlit visitors to step back in time through a reimagined setting of the original factory in the late 19th century.

This in-house concept provides the virtual reality experience by using contemporary gaming technology.

Backlit Gallery is using its premises for hosting the events and the in-house experience  allowing viewers to interact with the building’s history as an old textile factory, built by renowned hosiery manufacturers I&R Morley.

Remembrance Sunday

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My Great Granddad, Samuel James Hamilton with his pals of the 6th London regiment, taken in World War I.  He’s the one in the middle row, second from the right without a hat.  He sent home this photo to his wife with a written postcard.


I’ve always felt that this photo has a sense of naivety about it because it has captured a moment where most of the soldiers were smiling and having a laugh.